Neglecting Your Linen: A Habit to Kick

It's time to show your linen the love it deserves. Too many people still view the classic fabric as an exclusive material for those hot sumer days, but in reality linen and linen blends can bring so much more to the table and stretch time for a season that goes far beyond just June to August. A great read by the 'Products We Love' column at Orvis reveals some classic facts of linen and how to extend your season to get the most out of the dynamic fabric.  Key Points: Linen Blends and Darker Colors Use your blends to stretch our into the fall and spring and transition to darker more neutral color tones in order to extend past the...

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How to Get Away without Going Away

Have you ever wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of New York City on a hot summer weekend but didn't really know where to go to actually feel disconnected? It happens to the best, but Timeout New York has us covered with a list of some primo spots in the NYC area that are perfect for having a little nature getaway without having to break the bank and leave the city. From the more inconspicuous North Woods in Central Park to the Bronx River, Timeout provides a great array of options for the local adventurer. Check them out and if you make it out somewhere remember to wear your favorite Natural Blue summer shirt!

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So You Think You Can Glamp?

Maybe you've heard of glamping. Maybe you've already been on several glamping vacations. Maybe you know nothing about glamping. Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, it is now fairly undeniable that the once indie fad has officially made its mainstream crossover. With the increasing amount of global glamping services being offered, there is always room to find new, exciting, and unexpected destinations for your next adventure. From the best beaches to the most enticing mountains, discover some of the most unique getaways that glamping has to offer. P.S: Don't forget to pack your Natural Blue Style for the journey!  

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