Neglecting Your Linen: A Habit to Kick

Neglecting Your Linen: A Habit to Kick

It's time to show your linen the love it deserves. Too many people still view the classic fabric as an exclusive material for those hot sumer days, but in reality linen and linen blends can bring so much more to the table and stretch time for a season that goes far beyond just June to August. A great read by the 'Products We Love' column at Orvis reveals some classic facts of linen and how to extend your season to get the most out of the dynamic fabric. 

Key Points: Linen Blends and Darker Colors

Use your blends to stretch our into the fall and spring and transition to darker more neutral color tones in order to extend past the summer palette. If you've been doing it wrong this whole time then it's time to make the switch!

Read the full article here and go grab some new linen attire in the Natural Blue Shop while you can!

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