Squeezing Everything out of Summer

Squeezing Everything out of Summer

Summer months are coming to a close quick people! As we transition from the heat to the cooler months of the fall, it's important to think about how to stretch out your summer wardrobe to get the most use out of what you can. We're going to go through some of our Natural Blue selections that are good for the heat of August, but can wear well into September and even early October depending on your location. Check it out!

Long Sleeve Plaid Linen

This shirt transitions well thanks to its soft blue colors. Wear it to a nice dinner at the end of the summer or a camping trip in the early fall to stay cool while looking good. 

Long Sleeve Gingham Linen

Coming in three different colors, this long sleeve is good for any occasion and is simple enough to be thrown together with multiple different outfit combinations.

Polka Dot Linen


This short sleeve button down comes in two colors, both of them easy to double as early fall shades. The simple design makes for a great short sleeve shirt for you to wear into early fall. 

There are so many ways to take your summer wardrobe and stretch out its season. These are only a few examples from Natural Blue, so go to http://www.naturalbluestyle.com/collections/all-products?page=1 to check out the rest of the summer collection and see what styles you think you could rock into the fall!

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