July 4th

Although July 4th is a day to remember America's independence, many of us use it as a day to have some outdoor fun. If you're like the employees at Natural Blue, you attended a barbecue and watched the fireworks. The difference that we noticed is how July 4th use to be THE American holiday full of food like hotdogs and ribs.

Back in the 50's and 60's, it was normal for your father to be cooking on the grill while your mother served the guests. Now that the culture have changed, and more people are ordering from catering companies and eating gourmet foods. The revolution in culinary arts has created the ultimate Americano food like macaroni and cheese into things like fried macaroni cheese balls. Everyone is looking for new approaches on changing the standards and the newer generations are a great influence on the culture modernizing.

One things for certain, watching the fireworks at night will always be a cult favorite. Summer nights can get quite hot especially with all the fire activity going on. It is advised to wear linen shirts to help keep you cool the whole night. We hope you had a fun and safe holiday. 

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