5 Popular Ways to Glamp

Today, there are many different ways to go glamping. Whether you're going glamping with friends, family, or a loved one, here are the 5 most popular ways to have the adventure of a lifetime!
1.) Yurt: A beautiful half tent, half house. The wooden lattice frame is covered from top to bottom with a warm, felt like fabric.
2) Tree house: A perfect get away with 5 star amenities.
3.) Vintage RV's:The ultimate road trip but with a complete glamorous makeover.
4.) Teepees: Cone shaped tents that are constructed of wooden poles covered in canvas.They come with comfortable bedding and rugs and found in amazing locations. 
5.) Safari tents: Large rectangular tents covered in water resistant canvas. They are filled with beautiful furniture and fine woven rugs that offer a luxurious experience.
What do you think? Which glamping experience would you choose?
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