What is Glamping?

Glamping or “glamorous camping” pairs destinations with the intimacy of camping and the world of luxury travel.

Glamping is the quickly becoming the ultimate travel experience. Imagine visiting a remote island overlooking a tropical jungle in your 4-star treehouse appointed with the luxuries you would find at any high-end resort. If the mountains are in your destination desires, envision enjoying a summer sunset next to the calming sounds of a river outside your 5-star canvas tent.

And what better to have fun wearing the best glamping Natural Blue fashion. :)

As you enjoy a glass of fine wine, your on-site staff prepares a private dinner. How about evening tea on the African Serengeti as elephants graze in the distance. With glamping, you don’t just visit to the destination, you experience the destination.

Glamping continues to merge the world of luxurious accommodations with unforgettable in-destination experiences.Glamping.com pairs travelers with destinations and accommodations for all budgets and travel desires.



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